Reliant Aquarium Design

The modern world of aquarium design is almost unrecognizable from the old days of a goldfish in a bowl

Complex systems that support a vast array of fish, invertebrates and coral can bring a piece of the world from across the globe into your living room.

Freshwater, saltwater, reefs…the choice is yours when it comes to aquarium design. Would you like a beautiful reef, with coral and clownfish, or perhaps a freshwater system with a vast array of African lake fish and rocks…the possibilities are endless.

Maybe you’d like a planted tank, with a collection of brightly colored underwater fauna. A system like this, much like a reef, can also require special dosing and light needs. It also requires finding inhabitants that won’t make lunch out of your nice plants as well.

If you have an office, a gorgeous nano system may be what your looking for. These all in one systems bring a lot of beauty to a small space, and will immediately add life and intrigue to your office or waiting room. Smaller aquariums require closer monitoring, but your friends at Reliant Aquarium Design are here for just that reason!

We can guide you every step of the way in your aquarium design journey (it’s in our name after all!) finding a system that’s right for you and your lifestyle. Hands on or off, we can design a maintenance program that supplements as much or little as you want to do with our reliable and friendly technicians.

Enquire today to see how we can bring water into your life.

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