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Welcome to Reliant Aquarium Design

At Reliant Aquarium Design, we don’t just design and maintain your aquarium; we strive to offer custom aquariums in San Diego at affordable prices.

We have a passion for providing the best aquariums at the best prices so your beautiful aquatic life to have a beautiful home. We want to give you, and your fish, a custom aquarium to be proud of. Whether you need a custom fish tank designed, installed, or maintained, Reliant Aquarium Design is your reliable source for Aquarium care in the San Diego area.

Custom Aquariums San Diego



Growing up being the son of a successful contractor and watching my dad build things exposed me to my true passion. Working and building things with my dad over many years, wether it be room additions, cabinets or aquariums deepened my passion and drove me to dive deeper into the aquarium industry.

I managed a marine aquarium store for 5 years while attending school. During that time I focused on expanding my knowledge on customer service, maintaining aquariums, custom aquarium designs and installations. I knew I was ready for the next step……

I started Reliant Aquarium Design in 2008. I have worked relentlessly to make Reliant Aquarium Design the premiere custom aquarium installation and professional aquarium maintenance company in Southern California. To date I am thrilled to say Reliant Aquarium Design has performed more than 13,000 professional aquarium maintenance visits – and counting. 

Mission & Vision

We are on a mission to provide San Diego and the surrounding area with the best custom fish tanks available.

We will design the perfect fish tank for your specifications, and we will fill it with your favorite fish. A custom designed fish tank is more than a pet, it’s a part of your home and at Reliant Aquarium Design, we want to be part of the family. That is why we put a premium on the connections we make with clients. When you install a custom designed aquarium from Reliant, you get our service for life.

Aquarium Design, Installation and Professional Maintenance
Aquarium Installation
Aquarium Design, Installation and Professional Maintenance

Quick Installation

Our installation is quick and discreet. We are professionals and we treat each aquarium as our own. With Reliant Aquarium Design, you can be sure the security and privacy of your home will be just as protected as your aquatic life.

Premium Maintenance

Keeping your aquariums pristine is our priority. Our aquarium maintenance will ensure that you get the most out of your custom aquarium. This maintenance includes service to the tank itself, all of the pumps and valves within the tank, the water, the décor, and of course, the fish. Our maintenance service provides full upkeep so that your tank continues to turn heads for years to come. We also offer in-depth tank cleaning services. Our cleaning service will leave your water crystal clear and your tank sparkling. A clean tank will extend the life of your fish and the value of your custom tank.
Aquarium Design, Installation and Professional Maintenance
Aquarium Installation
Custom Aquarium Design

Easy Process

At Reliant Aquarium design, we make it easy to have the perfect custom aquarium for your home. Our passion for people is only rivaled by our knowledge of fish tanks. We want to help you make your dreams of having a beautiful custom fish tank in your home a reality. We want you to rely on us to provide you with breathtaking fish tanks, comprehensive maintenance and cleaning, and unparalleled service that you can trust.

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