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Let the experts at Reliant Aquarium Design help you plan, design, and build your custom aquarium!

custom designed aquariums

Reliant Aquarium Design is the premier creator of custom designed aquariums in San Diego and Riverside County.

 Designing the aquarium is the most pivotal part of the entire process. The intricacy that goes into crafting an aquarium is far beyond anything your local pet store provides. One wrong piece or miscalculated measurement can create problems from the start. That is why at Reliant Aquarium, we look over every aspect of the design process so we can help you obtain a healthy and thriving aquarium. 

aquarium of your dreams

 We provide all services necessary to bring the aquarium of your dreams to life. Our designers are capable of producing 3D renderings of your living space with the aquarium in place – prior to installation. You can envision and even SEE the end result during the planning stages, so that when it comes time for installation no detail has been left out.

 We’re a one-stop shop where experienced aquarium technicians will work with you through every step, ensuring you end up with the perfect aquarium to compliment your home and lifestyle.  And don’t worry, no project is too small or too large- we pride ourselves on providing custom aquarium designs for any space or budget!

Aquarium Design​
Custom Aquarium Design

Transforming Visions into Aquatic Masterpieces

Colorful, vibrant, and dynamic, we understand that aquariums are living, breathing centerpieces of the home that command a magnetic appeal to guests and owners alike. Unfortunately, formulating a stunning design that does justice to your ideas can be a challenge when you’ve never done it before!

That is where we come in. With years of hands-on experience in the industry, we have all the insight and capabilities to bring your dream aquarium to fruition. From the coral and livestock to divine decorations and lighting, we will work closely with you, your architect, and/or your interior designer to create a bespoke aquarium that aligns with your home’s aesthetic. Allow us the privilege of designing your fish tank and we’ll go above and beyond to realize your vision.

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