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Aquarium Maintenance

Services can be provided weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. We work with you and your schedule to set-up a convenient day and time to service your aquarium.
Aquarium Maintenance​

Comprehensive Aquarium Care

Reliant Aquarium Design provides complete aquarium service and maintenance for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums in San Diego and Riverside County.

Maintaining your aquarium’s health and cleanliness is the most important way to ward off any uprising issues.

Maintenance Assessments

We provide the most thorough maintenance on every single visit by assessing the following:

Expert Care for Flourishing Underwater Worlds

Aquariums of any size or style demand an investment of time and energy to maintain them. For instance, the tank must be cleaned on a regular basis, the marine life must be fed and taken care of too, and various technical components that ensure these remarkable underwater worlds continue to flourish require repairs and replacements.

What’s more, not all maintenance is made equal. The enchanting beauty on display in an aquarium is fragile in nature; the marine life inside exists in a state of balance and vulnerability. As a result, one wrong move can threaten the entire ecosystem. Moreover, the extent and type of aquarium care that is necessary will vary for each tank depending on its specific contents. The result?

Your Trusted Partner for Aquatic Excellence

Tending these treasured tanks requires expertise, insight, and awareness. Thankfully, Reliant Aquarium Design is the go-to professional aquarium service for homeowners in Southern California. As experts in this ever-evolving industry, we design, build, and maintain bespoke aquariums to suit our esteemed clients’ individual needs. Delivering unparalleled quality and commitment, we strive to accommodate any artistic ideas and cultivate longstanding relationships along the way. has each of these attributes in abundance. Our service can supervise the care and upkeep of your custom aquarium so you don’t have to. Among other core aquarium cleaning and maintenance tasks, we’ll analyze the water, conduct partial water changes, assess the health of your livestock, and give everything a thorough clean to ensure your tank continues to look its best.

If you’re ready to begin the process of designing and installing a custom aquarium, or desire professional input to care for your current one, then please contact us today to see how we can help.

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