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Services can be provided weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. We work with you and your schedule to set-up a convenient day and time to service your aquarium.

Aquarium Maintenance

Reliant Aquarium Design provides complete aquarium service and maintenance for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums in San Diego and Riverside County.
Maintaining your aquarium’s health and cleanliness is the most important way to ward off any uprising issues. We provide the most thorough maintenance on every single visit by assessing the following:
  • Water Quality (At least 25% change, along with testing water parameters)
  • Water Temperature
  • Water Flow
  • Fish Health (Diseases can occur in ANY aquarium)
  • Aqua-scape Cleaning/Stability
  • Lighting
  • Sand/Gravel Cleaning
  • Removing Unwanted Algae
  • Acrylic/Glass Cleanliness
  • Filtration Cleaning
  • Livestock Arranging for Proper Light/Flow
  • Leaving Surrounding Area Cleaner Than it was Before Maintenance Started
  • Addressing ANY Client Questions/Concerns

Great aquarium service here. David makes quality service a priority on all ends. He does a great job making sure my tank is good and healthy and also makes sure it looks good on top of it all..........His new van is an aquarium shop on four wheels........Definitely two thumbs up here.

Eric C. from San Diego
If you need to arrange a service appointment, or have a question feel free to call us (858) 367-FISH or, if you prefer, simply click the link below to email us.

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