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Aquarium Installation

There is nothing more captivating than installing a one of a kind aquarium in your home or business.  While no two aquarium installations are the same, we identify your needs as an aquarium owner.
As such, each of our aquarium systems include a custom fabricated display tank, a custom designed filtration sump, and a professional grade plumbing design that is QUIET.
Each system includes the highest quality protein skimmers and water circulation pumps, water evaporation control systems, and chemical dosing systems to automate the daily and weekly functions of a typical aquarium.
If you are unfamiliar with aquariums and the costs involved, it is best to ask yourself “What am I trying to accomplish?”.  Once this has been established, we can tailor the aquarium to fit your needs and your budget.  Many people are unaware of the time, effort, patience, and cost that goes into a lot of aquariums, and this is where we can use our expertise to mold your aquarium into a masterpiece.
Reliant Aquarium ensures that your installation is smooth and creates only a minimal interruption to your home or business. We will work with your team to ensure that the installation occurs at a time that is best for you.
Reliant Aquarium Design is by your side during the entire installation process and our team is with you well after installation with our reliable maintenance services.


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